José Miguel Oviedo

José Miguel Oviedo (born 1934, Lima) is a Peruvian writer and literary critic. He received his doctorate from the Pontificia Universidad Católica in 1961, afterwards teaching at the same institution. He has also taught at various American universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, and is the recipient of a Rockefeller grant and a Guggenheim fellowship.

Oviedo is best known as a scholar of Peruvian and Latin American literature. His critical surveys have covered writers such as Ricardo Palma, Mario Vargas Llosa, and José Martí. He has also compiled various anthologies of Peruvian prose and poetry, Cuban short stories, 19th century Latin American short stories, etc. His principal work is a two-volume history of Latin American literature: ''Historia de la literatura hispanoamericana'', split into ''De los orígenes a la Emancipación'' (1995) and ''Del Romanticismo al Modernismo'' (1997).

He has also published several short story collections: ''Soledad & Compañía'' (1987), ''La vida maravillosa'' (1988) and ''Cuaderno imaginario'' (1996). Provided by Wikipedia
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